IIIII Columns (pronounced Five Columns) is a platform for expanded and deflated notions of architectural thought & practice. It is about going beyond contemporary venerations of novelty & power, to embrace collectivity and critical storytelling. IIIII Columns is a practice of Park Frost, sometimes with others.

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Within radical communities, we prioritize the creation of safe spaces as those free of homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism... but rarely do we address the basic dangers we experience due to the physical conditions of the spaces we inhabit.
In response to the ghostship fire in Oakland, a collaborative and evolving draft of suggestions for fast, free and low-cost harm reduction strategies that DIY venues can implement easily was initiated by S.Surface. Based on the crowd sourced doc, this edited pocket sized edition is intended to make building safety accessible.

4 3/4 x 5 1/2 in
xerox on randomized mixed color stock 

Open edition
150 printed for NYABF 2017
150 printed for NYABF 2018


edit / layout by MJF
based on collaborative google doc with:
S. Surface, Phil Armstrong, Zackery Belanger, David Bernier, Mike Bray, John Britt, Rob Bru, C. G., Christina C., Patton Christofides, Jonathan Darr, Eveline Darroch, Joshua Deutsch, Mallory Ditchey, Kevin Erickson, Fraser Evans, Daniel Gatenio, *June Grant, Daniel Gies, Alex Gribov, Neil Harris, Corey Hennessey, Melissa Iverson, Robin Jaede, Jennifer Jordan, Samantha Katz, Michaela Kennedy, *Ken Koense, Leah Lakshmi, Piepzna-Samarasinha, Moose Lane, Jodie Layne, Jay Linski, Sarah Lockhart, Katherine M., Jennifer Marca, Kate Maxwell, Helen McCarthy, Donna Ozawa, Addison Palmer, Kevin Patricio, S. Porter, *Joseph Pred, Kristen Ray, Nathan Russell, Nadine Saez, Ben Sand, Tiara Shafiq, Samuel Siegel, Christopher Slater, S. Surface, Stephanie Syjuco, Carolyn Reese T, Doe Taryn, Alfred Twu, Elizabeth Vertina, Paulina Wilkowska, Dave X, Dianne Yee