IIIII Columns (pronounced Five Columns) is a platform for expanded and deflated notions of architectural thought & practice. It is about going beyond contemporary venerations of novelty & power, to embrace collectivity and critical storytelling. IIIII Columns is a practice of Park Frost, sometimes with others.

E   park@iiiiicolumns.com
C Creative Commons


16 songs X 16 spatial practitioners:

Michael Meredith
Tim Durfee
Eric Bunge
Kazys Varnelis
James Graham & Stephen Nielson
Neil Denari
Mariana Ibañez, Simon Kim
Wendy Gilmartin
Florian Idenburg
Enrique Ramirez
Benjamin Bratton
Michael Young
Alfredo Thiermann
Matt Olsen
Esther Choi &
Daniel Barber

compilation cassette
33 min X 2
custom printed cassette w/ handfolded o-ring case & insert
on archival paper / in archival bag
private link for online streaming included
Edition of 300