IIIII Columns (pronounced Five Columns) is a platform for expanded and deflated notions of architectural thought & practice. It is about going beyond contemporary venerations of novelty & power, to embrace collectivity and critical storytelling. IIIII Columns is a practice of Melissa J. Frost, sometimes with others.

E   mjf@iiiiicolumns.com
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is a student run publication of the AA London.

Editors : Sofia Pia Belenky, Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard & Hunter O’brien Doyle
Design : Anja Kaiser, Simone Niquille, Boris Miester & Michael Oswell

 DUE issues 1 - 78 & index
loose leaf packaged in white box
printed on light grey 67lb cover stock
7" x 9 3/4"
limited edition of 20